Maple Leaf 2015 Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership


Cash Distributions
As at March 30, 2019

2015 FUND Current Last Quarter

$0.60 $0.60

Quarterly Fund Snapshot

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Fund Facts
Fund Type: Equity Income
Sector Focus: Canadian Oil & Gas
Inception: May 25, 2015
Offering Closed: December 30, 2015
Liquidity: Est. Dec. 31, 2018
Class A FundSERV:
 CDO 151
Class F FundSERV:
 CDO 152
Tax Shelter ID: TS 083220 
Quebec Tax Shelter ID: QAF-15-01583

FUND Overview

The mandate of Maple Leaf 2015 Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership ("2015 Fund") is to provide limited partners with an investment in a pool of professionally selected, non-operated, direct working interests and similar interests in oil and gas production and/or production revenue on properties considered prospective for oil and natural gas development and to participate in the development of the properties in order to generate:

  • income via monthly cash distributions paid quarterly;
  • up to a 100% tax deduction (over time);
  • potential capital appreciation;
  • liquidity upon asset sales.

Maple Leaf 2013 Oil & Gas Income Management Corp. (the “Manager”), the Manager of Maple Leaf 2013 Oil & Gas Income Limited Partnership (the “MLOG 2013”) is pleased to announce that on March 3, 2021, the assets of MLOG 2013 were transferred on a tax-deferred basis to the Maple Leaf 2015 Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership (the “MLOG 2015” or “CDO151”), in exchange for units of MLOG 2015. Each holder of MLOG 2013 received 0.64785 MLOG 2015 units for each MLOG 2013 unit held.

Please be advised that the current price for MLOG 2015 is $5.69159(1)(2) per unit. The respective price will remain at $5.69159 per unit until an updated valuation has been processed.

Please be reminded that MLOG 2015 is not liquid and cannot be redeemed at this time.