Maple Leaf 2015 Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership


Cash Distributions
As at March 30, 2019

2015 FUND Current Last Quarter

$0.60 $0.60

Quarterly Fund Snapshot

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Fund Facts
Fund Type: Equity Income
Sector Focus: Canadian Oil & Gas
Inception: May 25, 2015
Offering Closed: December 30, 2015
Liquidity: Est. Dec. 31, 2018
Class A FundSERV:
 CDO 151
Class F FundSERV:
 CDO 152
Tax Shelter ID: TS 083220 
Quebec Tax Shelter ID: QAF-15-01583

FUND Overview

The mandate of Maple Leaf 2015 Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership ("2015 Fund") is to provide limited partners with an investment in a pool of professionally selected, non-operated, direct working interests and similar interests in oil and gas production and/or production revenue on properties considered prospective for oil and natural gas development and to participate in the development of the properties in order to generate:

  • income via monthly cash distributions paid quarterly;
  • up to a 100% tax deduction (over time);
  • potential capital appreciation;
  • liquidity upon asset sales.

Investor Information

Investment Steps

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