About Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd.

Maple Leaf Corporate Funds Ltd. (the 'Mutual Fund') is a mutual fund corporation that currently offers Maple Leaf Resource Class and Maple Leaf Income Class Series A Shares.


Shares of the Maple Leaf Income Class and Maple Leaf Resource Class are available to former limited partners of Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through Limited Partnerships in exchange for assets which are suitable investments for the Mutual Fund.  Shares of both Funds are also available to other investors but it is recommended that shares should only be purchased through registered plans. 



CADO Investment Fund Management Inc. is responsible for managing the overall business and operations of the Mutual Fund.  For information on CADO Investment Fund Management Inc. please visit our Investment Fund Manager page




Portfolio Manager

Jim Huang, Portfolio Manager

Maple Leaf Funds investment portfolio's are exclusively and activly managed by Portfolio Manager, Jim Huang, President of T.I.P. Wealth Manager Inc.

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