Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through offers investors exclusive short duration flow-through investments. Maple Leaf is committed to providing investors with up to a 100% tax deduction, accelerated liquidity, the opportunity to convert income into capital gains on an annual basis and a well diversified portfolio of resource stocks that is managed by Craig Porter, one of Canada’s top performing flow-through fund managers.

Rolled Fund Performance

(1) Average NAV per unit at rollover; based on an original issue price of $25 per unit. 

(2) Limited Partners also received an approximate 100% tax deduction (or more, if invested in a Quebec Class LP).

Tax Calculator

Tax Deduction Calculator

Calculate your potential tax savings or investment return at rollover.

Weekly Fund Performance


 As at August 16, 2019
  Prospectus Offerings

  Last Week 
Last Week  
  2018-II FUND - NATIONAL     $15.72   $16.69
2018-II FUND - QUEBEC   $19.46   $20.10
  Offering Memorandum

  Current   Last Week
      Current   Last Week
Class A / Class F
  2018 FUND - QUEBEC
Class A / Class F