Tax Savings Calculator 


To calculate your estimated tax savings and deductions per year from your investment in a Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income Limited Partnership, start by entering your desired investment amount and personal tax rate in the first two boxes below.

Note that in the following three boxes there are estimated tax deduction percentage amounts entered.  After you have realized your first year's tax deduction you may type over the estimated default amounts and add in your actual deduction amounts found on your tax slip to calculate future years.

Once you are satisfied with your entries, select the ‘Calculate’ button and your calculation results will appear automatically.


Calculate your tax savings

Initial investment (enter investment amount)
Marginal tax rate (enter personal tax rate)
% of tax deduction in year one (Contains default %. Change % as needed)
% of tax deduction in year two (Contains default %. Change % as needed)
% of tax deduction in year three & future(Contains default %. Change % as needed)

Please note, the percentage (%) amounts included in the tax deduction boxes are management estimates of your annual tax deductions.  Please refer to the amounts estimated in the prospectus or offering memorandum of the offering in which you are considering for the relevant tax deductions.  Please check your personal T5013 tax slip as the actual amounts can change significantly each year.




Investment Lifecycle

Investment Lifecycle

Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs can provide investors up to a 100% tax deduction (over time), monthly income, liquidity and the opportunity to convert income into capital gains.

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