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Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs have been established to provide the individual investors with a means of achieving income, capital appreciation, potential liquidity, and significant tax deductions through direct participation in the production of oil & natural gas.

Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs focus on acquiring and managing portfolios of high quality royalties on long life, low decline oil and gas assets.


Key Investment Steps

Watch and learn how Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs can create value for Canadian investors by providing:

  • Up to 100% tax deductions (over time),
  • Income via monthly cash distributions,
  • and a Liquidity Event that can bring long-term value

Investment Lifecycle

Investment Lifecycle

Maple Leaf Oil & Gas Royalty Income programs can provide investors up to a 100% tax deduction (over time), monthly income, liquidity and the opportunity to convert income into capital gains.

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Development Drilling Focus

Multi-Zone Development Drilling Opportunities
Development drilling means drilling into existing and producing oil and gas pools, and these pools generally have an 85% average rate of success.

Understand how development drilling works