Maple Leaf 2021 Flow-Through Limited Partnership



As at December 9, 2022

2021 QC FUND Current
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Class A $9.11 $9.05
Class F $9.66 $9.47
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Fund Facts
Fund Type: Flow-Through
Sector Focus: Natural Resources
Portfolio Manager: Craig Porter
Inception: June 4, 2021
Closing: December 4, 2020

(Est.) Dec. 31, 2022

Tax Shelter ID:
TS 092 544
Quebec Tax Shelter:
FundSERV Code:
CDO 214 / 215


The investment objective of each of the Québec Portfolios is to provide holders of Québec Class Units (“Québec Class Limited Partners”) with up to a 141% tax deductible investment in a diversified portfolio of Flow-Through Shares of Resource Companies incurring Eligible Expenditures principally in the Province of Québec with a view to maximizing the tax benefits of an investment in Québec Class Units and achieving capital appreciation and/or income for Québec Class Limited Partners.

In order to provide Limited Partners with liquidity and the potential for long-term growth of capital and income, the General Partner intends to implement a Liquidity Event on or before December 31, 2022. The General Partner presently intends the Liquidity Event will be a Mutual Fund Rollover Transaction.

Portfolio Manager


Craig Porter, CFA, BA

Portfolio Manager & President
Backer Wealth Management Inc.

The investment portfolios of Maple Leaf Corporate Class mutual funds and Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through limited partnerships are managed exclusively by Craig Porter, Portfolio Manager and President of Backer Wealth Management Inc. "Backer". 

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Backer's mandate is to provide first-class investment management services with skill, professionalism and the highest ethical standard.

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